Zooey Deschanel Nose Job Plastic Surgery Gossips

ZooeyZooey Deschanel is an American actress, songwriter, musician and singer. Though she is currently 33 years of age, she looks even younger like she is still in her twenties. The Hollywood celebrity who had ever been nominated for Golden Globe awards, Grammy awards and Emmy awards has also played a role in Fox Series’ New Girl. The actress has been widely rumored in the public and media to have done several plastic surgeries including nose jobs, boob job, lips injection and botox injection.

Zooey Deschanel nose job is said to have been done some years back. However, this was first noticed when she turned up in the 2012 Teen Choice Awards with a different looking face. Even though there was little different look noticed on her nose, some disputed any possibility of a nose job and instead attributed the difference to her makeup and the event’s lighting. However, her nose job has been confirmed by a London based cosmetic surgeon who said that the celebrity had a rhinoplasty.

According to the surgeon, Zooey Deschanel nose job plastic surgery was a success since most people are not able to tell whether she had a surgery or not. Before her surgery, she had a bigger nose with wide nose bridge but currently she has a straighter nose with a narrow bridge and shaped tip that matches her face better. The whole of her nose counter now looks more refined thus complement her face.

There are however, different public opinions and reviews on Zooey nose job. Some believe that since the rhinoplasty did not have a strong change on her nose, it was well done and her nose is now more refined as compared to before the surgery. On the other hand, some of her fans and the public are disappointed with her decision to have the plastic surgery. They believe that she lost her sweet and cute look plus her natural beauty and instead now look too plastic and unnatural.

Even though Zooey Deschanel has not come out officially to talk about her nose job plastic surgery, numerous celebrity watchers and gossip websites continue to speculate about the rumor with some suggesting that her plastic surgery seems to be overboard. She may have felt a little more insecure with her look and her age at the 2012 Teen Choice Awards thus resorted to plastic surgery. However, a Hollywood celebrity having enough money is able to change her look and appearance if he or she wants to. This has led to some of the celebrities ruining their faces and looks at long run.

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