What you Should know about Rihanna Nose Job

Rihanna Nose jobRihanna is a popular singer that was born in Saint Michael, Barbados on 20th February 1988. She grew in this region participating in beauty pageants most of which she won. She signed for Def Jam at the age of 16 after which she has been recording phenomenal success. Rihanna nose job is something that most of her fans do not know about. This supernova singer is known by almost every fan of music all over the world. Her stage action mesmerizes the audience in a spectacular way.

She knows exactly what to do and how to it while on stage to make her performance the best and finest. She is popular among many people for her songs that brought hip-hop genre to the lime light winning her the Best Rap Sung category during the Grammy Awards ceremony. Despite being popular for her achievement, Rihanna has always kept her nose plastic surgery issue a secret.

Having a close look of the Rihanna who was born on February 20th 1988, you will notice a difference in her look that is not natural. This is due to rhinoplasty surgeries that have been done on her face. Photos of her nose before and after the nose job are circulating all over the internet. You can clearly see that Rihanna nose job has greatly changed her appearance. The nose job has made her nose to have more asymmetries with the tip being thinner. This contradicts her old nose that was wide and short.

This nose job was conducted by Dr. Rawnsley and Dr. Michael Fiorillo. These doctors are experienced professionals in procedures of plastic surgery. They confirmed that Rihanna has had rhinoplasty done on her face. Her nose looks reduced with narrower nostrils. Her nasal bridge has also been lifted to enable her to have a bump on the nose tip. Several professional surgeons have also confirmed that, from a close look it is clear that Rihanna has had many rhinoplasty to refine the shape of her nose. Rihanna nose job has given her a nose that looks short and wide with lifted tips and narrower nasal bridge.

Nevertheless, what Rihanna has done is an excellent job. The new shape and size of her nose gives her cuter, pretty and charming look. Many people adore her due to her new look than before she had rhinoplasty done on her face. The new Rihanna looks totally different from the one that many people knew when she started her singing career. This has made some people especially Dr. Rawnsley and Dr. Michael Fiorillo come to her defense despite others saying that she would have retained her natural appearance. Generally, many people like the new celebrity look that Rihanna nose job has resulted to.

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