What you should know about Blair Fowler’s nose job

Blair Fowler plastic surgery nose jobBorn on April 1st 1993 in Augusta Georgia as Laura Elizabeth Fowler, or Blair Fowler. Blair is a YouTube beauty guru, vlogger and hauler who goes by the name juicystar07. She has uploaded numerous videos on fashion, décor, beauty, and even health and fitness tutorials, which have received over 224 million views. However, regardless of her inspirational videos, this YouTube goddess decided she couldn’t entirely follow her own beauty advice and decided to get some external help.

Rumors within the online fashion and beauty community, long proposed that she must have had some work done on her nose, but recently, this rumors have turned to fact when she publicly admitted it. The speculations had begun after a prolonged, unexplained absence from YouTube, when she uploaded prerecorded beauty videos and used a different channel, otherjuicystar07. After that, comparison began, before and after photos surfaced all over discussion forums and beauty sites, and there were numerous calls for the beauty star to come clean, and own her experience.

After a lot of pressure, she finally caved and admitted on a video upload titled ’10 things you do not know about me’, that at the age of 17, she had a rhinoplasty done. This confession came as a bit of a shock to some of her fans who had vehemently defended the stand that Blair was all natural, however, for the larger population of her fans this was a bit obvious. She went ahead to explain that her reluctance, to discuss or even admit to having work done on her nose, was because she had not liked the results, and regretted having undergone the nose job. Well it seemed to have tugged at the heart strings of her fans, because she seems to be in their good books again. Many are of the opinion that her new nose actually looks good on her, and she made the right call to have the change.

She also admitted how much of a struggle it had been for her parents, to allow her to undergo the surgery, seeing as she was not of legal age yet, and could not make the choice herself. However, the buck does not stop there. The rumor mills are spinning again and this time, they want her to admit to her rather obvious boob job. Some say that Blair fowler’s nose job confession, was just a smoke screen, to down play the fact that she had work done on her rather Barbie like boobs. As she openly stated in her video years after the fact that, �a lot of you already know because it is pretty obvious’, well it’s pretty obvious Blair had something done on her boobs. Let’s watch and see how may years it will take her to admit to it.

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