The truth behind Kristen Wiig nose job

Kristen Wiig nose jobKristen Wiig is one of the best comedians known in the field of comedy entertainment. She is known for her rib cracking jokes and you may easily conclude that she was born to make her audience laugh. She is also actively involved in sketching comedies and nurturing new comedy talent. Apart from her talent in making people laugh, she is also a good film actress. She has featured in famous films such as Flight, Bridesmaids, Adventure land and the Concords. She is simply one of those people who were blessed with a great deal of talent and they know how to put it to use.

Lately, there have been rumors about Kristen Wiig nose job which have raised lots of questions.

There are claims that her nose shape has slightly changed and looks thinner than her past nose. Some of her photos on the internet which compare her old face to her new one will surely convince you that the claim can actually be true. Her nose appears slightly thinner; a likely indication that she has recently undergone nose surgery. Most of her fans are not convinced about these rumors and strongly believe that their great film star has not undergone any face modifications.

Most media firms have always questioned her new look but she always seems to have a way of avoiding these questions. Apart from the media, Shine Website has reported that Wiig’s former wide nose appears thinner and seems boneless. Other stars such as Jennifer Romolini and Paris Hilton were also questioned about their new looks and they admitted that they had undergone a face surgery to get a better look. Most people have come to the conclusion that such film stars including Kristen Wiig lack confidence in their natural looks.

The fact that the star doesn’t believe in her natural looks cannot be a justification for taking a nose surgery. Her fans would prefer to watch her perform in her natural looks rather than having an artificial look. They have the general opinion that natural looks give her that fresh unique look. The rumor has not yet been justified and most of her fans still believe that she didn’t take a nose plastic surgery. They would be very disappointed in her if the rumor is found to be true and this might make her lose a lot in her film industry. With all these contrasting claims about the star, it will always remain a deep secret whether Kristen Wiig nose job is a true story or simply a hoax fueled by her haters.

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