Taylor Lautner Nose Job Plastic Surgery

Taylor Lautner nose jobTaylor Lautner is a famous American actor, model, voice actor as well as martial artist. Being 21 years of age, he is famously known for the role he plays in Twilight film series where he plays the part of Jacob Black. Besides that, he is a cool and handsome guy with an athletic body curve that has made him become famous and popular among many women and entertainment journalists. Currently rumors have it that he had a nose job plastic surgery to help him deal with his wide and big nose shape thus improve on his appearance.

Comparing his photos taken before the nose job rumors with those that were taken after, it is believed that he had a plastic surgery done on his nose. Even though the photos may not reveal any signs of his rhinoplasty procedure, the older photos show his nose to look bigger with wider nose bridge while in his latest photos, he has thinner and sharper nose with narrowed nose bridge.

Different celebrity watchers, media and websites have continuously compared his before and after photos to try and prove that he had a plastic surgery done on his nose. With no clear visual distinction on his nose, different forms of his photos have been compared to provide the proof. It is however a little bit hard to establish and find any signs to show he had the nose job by just comparing the photographs.

There are different opinions concerning Taylor Lautner nose job. His first appearance in Twilight Saga saw his big nose being criticized but now he seems to have an amazing sharp nose. This has led to the suggestion that he had a nose job done. Some of his fans however, don’t believe so and argue that the previous photos and the current ones look similar thus he did not undergo any surgery on his nose. His current fabulous and perfect look however cannot be questioned or debated with all his funs concurring on his current look.

Taylor Lautner nose job plastic surgery is still debatable. This is mainly contributed to by the fact that he has not officially come out to the public to confirm or deny the nose job rumors and gossips. There has also not been any official confirmation of the same from any other relevant source thus making the debate to rage on. In case he had the nose job, then it was perfectly done with conservative approach making minimum change on his face. But beyond the truth and the false of the nose job rumors, he is still highly regarded as good looking with good body curve.

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