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Stana Katic nose job plastic surgeryStana Katic is famous Canadian TV and film actress, which has Serbian-Croatian origins. Stana is mostly known for her role of Kate Beckett on highly rated TV show Castle. Buddy TV named this 35 year-old actress as TV’s sexiest woman in 2011. However, Stana Katic has been discussion of a few plastic surgeries, primarily for her evidently obvious nose surgery.

Since she became very famous in 2009, Stana is under magnifying glass of Hollywood medias and every little rumor about her surfaces just so easily. First rumors of her supposed nose surgery surfaced when she appeared on Castle filming with completely different look than she used to look. Her fans right away realized that she has changed her appearance and most of them were really disappointed by her body change.

By Stana before and after photos, it is more than obvious that her nose has different shape, and it looks much thinner now. Her old shaped nose looked very distracting, and she probably had some complexes, which made her ultimately decide to underwent rhinoplasty.

But, no one can deny that her new appearance and nose don’t look good, her nose now looks perfectly shaped and refined, and that is why she was named sexiest TV woman by coveted Buddy TV poll. Although her and Castle fans regretted her decision to enhance her appearance by certain cosmetic surgeries, some of them claimed that she looks far more attractive, and they even supported her rhinoplasty.

We also have to take into consideration that this rumor were never acknowledged by Stana Katic. She never admitted that she underwent nose surgery, but she also hasn’t dismissed all these rumors, which makes it kind of too obvious to not realize that she had nose surgery done. Popular Hollywood Dr. Peter Wenkwitz said about her nose surgery allegations that it is obvious that her nose looks corrected, and differently shaped than before few years. Wenkwitz also said that Stana probably refined her nose, and he even said that her plastic surgeon did a really good job.

To summarize up, it is up to you to believe if she did, or did not have plastic nose surgery. But, no one can deny that her nose has drastically changed in these last few years. Hopefully, this will be her last operation and we can only hope that she won’t go nuts over plastic surgeries like her other fellow colleagues because she really looks fine the way she is.

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