Scarlett Johansson Nose Job

Scarlett JohanssonScarlett Johansson is one of those beautiful American actresses who have been suspected to have their nose done for vanity. But more than the Scarlett Johansson nose job rumor, she is a phenomenal artist to be reckoned not only for her beauty but for her unique talent in acting as well as in singing. She was first known for her great character portrayal in the Horse Whisperer in 1998 which was followed by her breakout performance in the 2001 Ghost World. She became a stronger competitor on the A list of female artists when she won the Best Supporting Actress in the prestigious Chlotrudis Award in the same year.

But really, is there truth in all this Scarlett Johansson nose job rumors? The Make Me Heal’s Celebrity Plastic Surgery News maintained its stand that the 23 years old actress has a natural nose, which puts the claims of the US Weekly that the gossips of Scarlett’s nose are true. Further speculations on the Johansson nose plastic surgery have actually cost the US Weekly a lot after the actress sue them for the libellous acts that they had done. Technically speaking then, the Scarlett nose job is just plain myth and that astounding beauty of hers is definitely and 100% guaranteed natural.

But such natural beauty has been placed under a lot of speculations. As a matter of fact, the rumor that Scarlett done nose job not died since then. But a more introspective article about it on the Make Me Heal’s Education corner dissed the talks. There was a consensus though on the wide bridge and bulbous tip of Johansson’s nose and that in her more recent appearances, the bridge appeared slimmer, and the tip refined. A closer look though have proven the speculations wrong as the bulbous tip and wide bridge are still there when stripped of artful makeup.

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