Ryan Gosling before and after Nose Job Plastic Surgery

Ryan Gosling after plastic surgeryWhen one thinks of the list of people who do not really need any kind of plastic surgery done on them, Ryan Gosling comes to mind rather quickly. This television actor who was born on November 12th, 1980, became part of the serial film Mickey Mouse and played the role of one of the mouseketeers, which propelled him into other entertainment segments. Known for his very good looks, his killer smile, his excellent sense of fashion, his relationships and his net worth, Ryan has added one more thing to be popular about, his nose job!

Termed as one of the better nose jobs, Ryan Gosling clearly had some work done to alter his crooked nose. Before and after face photos show, a Ryan with an aquiline nose tip, an adorable nose hump and a wider nose bridge before he decided to undergo surgery, and a shorter, elevated and narrower nose bridge after the surgery. The rather well done rhinoplasty, also removed his rather recognizable and well-loved nose hump. A straighter bridge of course gives the impression of a younger face for now at least, but he really did not need it. He is one of the few actors who age seems to agree with.

Of course, Ryan has not publicly admitted to having any work done on his nose, however, the fact that he has not denied it either, answers a lot of questions in itself. Experts in the fashion community insist that he must have had some work done on his nose, while others insist that it could simply be an effect of aging. But since when did age make a bridge shorter and straighter? You be the judge.

Regardless of the fact, Ryan still looks good, and the fact that he was not afraid to fix something he did not like about his face, has endeared him to a lot of his fans. The rhinoplasty did not change the fundamental outline of his nose, which means he does not look all that different which is good.

Various before and after photos circulating in various discussion forums and fashion chat rooms, have even stated that he looks better after the surgery, and some even indicate that it is the reason his career has turned to the better. Nobody is too sure at which point he went under the knife. However, the one unarguable fact is that, with or without his crooked nose, Ryan Gosling remains one of Hollywood’s hottest guys.

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