Priyanka Chopra Plastic Surgery – Nose Job

Priyanka Chopra nose job plastic surgeryDid you know that Priyanka Chopra might have joined the bandwagon of Hollywood’s best looking women who have gone rhino style? Talk about Ashlee Simpson, Cameron Diaz, Ashlee Tisedale and Jennifer Aniston. The difference though is that the sought after Bollywood actress and former Miss World continues to deny the possible nose job that she got in 2010 during a three-day London trip. As a matter of fact, she slams every accusation, asking where she can possibly get a nose done in just three days. Critics believe that she knows, being a daughter of a doctor and all that.

This is the fun in the business, whether the Hollywood or the Bollywood. The more something is denied the greater and higher the gossip will continue to be. As a matter of fact, many bloggers and online critics have continued to follow not only the life but primarily, the rumoured Priyanka Chopra nose job. Many sites have offered before and after photos for the entire tinsel town to see the huge difference of the beautiful actress’ sharp nose back in her pageant days to a nicely rounded one in most recent photographs. But the more astounding rumor associated to Priyanka plastic surgery is the claim from Bollywood Babes website that this is the second makeover for the beautiful Bombay actress.

 True or not, this Priyanka Chopra nose job is yet to affect the very busy actress. Truth be told, she had never been busy as she is right now with her very many films on the line up and upcoming album launch. Besides, it is a consensus among fanatics and critics that the rumoured Priyanka rhinoplasty has done the Bollywood actress justice and has matched her facial features a lot better than the sharper one she used to have before.

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