Megan Fox nose job

Megan Fox nose job plastic surgeryMegan Fox, one of the most beautiful actresses of our time who gained her biggest fame right after shooting Transformer movie has been an open Hollywood discussion on whether she has made few changes on her outlook. It is really unfortunate that we can’t say that she is 100% natural beauty because she had few obvious alterations on her outside look. Megan Fox was always very pretty, we can remember her stunning look ever since she starred in TV show called Hope and Faith when she was only 18 years old without any plastic surgeries, and it is pretty sad and unnecessary the fact that she had to do all this plastic surgeries. Her career is already lasting more than 10 years, even though she is only 27 years old now. Megan is currently married to TV actor Brian Austin Green.

Before and after photos of Megan Fox absolutely prove that she had one or more nose jobs. There is big, and kind of obvious rumor that star of Transformers has transformed her look by few plastic operations. It is absolutely obvious that her nose now looks very unnatural. She had perfectly fine nose and now it looks too thin and somehow pointy on the top. The debate has started among her fans that she had a nose job somewhere around shooting of first Transformers movie. There are many speculations on whether she did some plastic surgery on her body, and she was also accused of having botox injections and breast implants to make her looks absolutely perfect.

Hollywood plastic surgeon Dr. Walden has stated that it’s very likely, that she underwent rhinoplasty procedure so shape and refine her nose.

Many printed and digital media have come to the informations that Megan Fox spent staggering amount of $60,000 for her surgeries. That is just mind blowing information, but it is worth of mentioning that she has denied every plastic surgery rumors, but that is obligatory and of course she won’t admit. Celebrities almost never tell the truth about their nose jobs, and they always expect from media to be blind and not figure out the most obvious things. The most saddest part about her nose jobs is the fact that she is not looking any better with them, it even slightly ruined her appearance.

We can all agree on one specific thing, even though she had few obvious nose surgeries that doesn’t take away the fact that she was absolutely gorgeous even without these nose corrections.

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