Marilyn Monroe Nose Job Plastic Surgery

Marilyn Monroe nose job smallWhen a person here the name Marilyn Monroe, the first thing that comes to mind, is the embodiment of glamor and glitz, a starlet and the perfect illustration of American Beauty. Born as Norma Jeanne Mortenson, Monroe was born with excellent genes and great talent. She changed her name after it was recommended by a talent agent, and on a similar recommendation, this young, attractive woman also decided it was time to have some adjustments made on her nose. She began her career as a model, but finally worked her way up to the big screens and ended up playing a variety of roles in over 25 films.

However, even with her host of talent, and her great genes, in 1950, it is rumored that after a recommendation from her agent, Johnny Hyde, Marilyn decided to have her nose surgically altered. It was also around the same time, that she changed her name, and dyed her hair blonde. Memoirs written by a plastic surgeon from Beverly Hill, Dr. Norman Leaf, states that the epitome of beauty on the yester years, may have undergone at least two different procedures for her face.

The first was a tip rhinoplasty which was aimed at reshaping the soft cartridge of her nose and removing a piece of dead cartridge. The details of the nose job remain unknown, but before and after photos of this beautiful actress strongly suggest that she did indeed have some changes to her face. The second procedure suggested was a chin implant which was meant to give her facial structure a more distinctive jawline. Her nose job is one of the good ones. In fact, it was so good that unlike the horror stories of recent years, it was quite indistinguishable and she went about her business as usual, with no one the wiser.

Plastic surgery in the 50’s was still a relatively new procedure and it must have taken a lot of courage for her to undergo the procedure. Quite possibly, she was among the first people to break ground on this and paved the path for more budding stars to have facial restructuring. It is also rumored that she had her teeth fixed in 1948, before she went on set to shoot Ladies of the Chorus, and also had her hairline raised.

While all this seems to be in line, there is still a lot of speculation going about the truth of this stories, considering that plastic surgery was still relatively new back then. Some have even gone on to insist that removal of the cartridge from her nose, was because it was a breathing hazard. But the fact still remains, she was and still is, one of the most gorgeous actresses Hollywood has had the pleasure of bringing to glory.

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