Leona Lewis Nose Job Plastic Surgery

leona lewis after nose jobLately, rumors about Leona Lewis having a nose job have been spreading. But until now, Leona never plainly admitted if this gossip is real or just chitchat from some people trying to filthy mouth her. This earlier X factor champ seems to be sick with all these rumors that she had enhanced her looks through plastic surgeries.

Her team is trying to convince the public that the issue of Leona Lewis nose job isn’t true. It seems that she is already tired of it now and just let people continue with their assumptions whether the gossip of her nose job was real or not. The issue about Leona Lewis changing her nose started after the singer and earlier X factor winner Steve Brookstein made his tweet talking about Leona Lewis with her new nose being able to make Wembley fall asleep.

Right after the controversial tweet, the rumor that this singer had a nose job made people start comparing her recent pictures from the past photos on the internet and made their own speculations whether the controversy is true or not.

Some individuals stated that Leona Lewis rhinoplasty is true because of the evident change on before and after pictures. It looks more fabulous than before. Before, her nose was larger with a wide tip and wide bridge. Now, the singer’s nose became more nutritious with a slimmer and thinner shape.

Also, after the suspected surgery, her tip looked narrowed, well-refined and the bridge looked sharper that gave her face a much better look. However, some people are uncertain about this issue because for them, it is impossible for a singer like Leona Lewis to get plastic surgery because these procedures could bring bad effects to her voice quality. Some people said that Leona Lewis’ nose look very different only because of her make-up artist.

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