Lea Michele Nose Job Plastic Surgery

Lea Michele nose jo plastic surgeryUndeniably, Lea Michele is one of those who have been instrumental to the success of Glee, and she really is a star for women everywhere because she stubbornly believes that real beauty is a gift from above. As a matter of fact, and with the urging from her mother, she refuses to get a nose job because she doesn’t want to be just another Hollywood beautiful face, but a unique talent.

While she acknowledges the need for her nose to be fixed, she is certain that it is to her best interest that it stay the way it is. With that, everyone can rest their case on the rumoured Lea Michele nose plastic surgery.

 It is not certain where the rumoured Lea Michele nose job started but you know how it is in the business, people gossip and while some are true there are just some that stay as speculations and the rest, just plain gossip.

Best example to this is this alleged Lea Michele nose job as the actress remains to make a vow on thumbing her nose than getting it fixed with the modern medical way called rhinoplasty, the same nose jobs that did Ashlee Tisdale, Cameron Diaz, and Jennifer Aniston justice.

 It is even funny how Lea Michele dissed on possible nose procedure because the actress and singer knows she needs it the most even before acting. She recalled in an interview with GQ on how in her high school she become one of the very few who did not get their nose done—when she really thinks that she is the very one who needs it most. A clever article on her in ‘People’ also thought that she thumbed her nose to make her way to the great physical pressure in Hollywood and to be perfect for every character and casting she has to get.

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