Kristen Stewart Nose Job Plastic Surgery

Kristen StewartNobody is going to blame you if you thought Kristen Stewart had her nose altered. At least, not after seeing a before and after photos of that beautifully sculpted nose from a seemingly bulbous tipped one before she was up on the Bella Swan ticket. Apparently, there is a great difference, but no one can tell for sure because the alleged Kristen Stewart nose job has not to this day been confirmed by the 23 years old American actress.

These rumors of Kristen Stewart nose job come as no surprise because of the near perfect nose that the actress has. There is also the truth that the actress momentary indiscretion to her on and off stage boyfriend Rob Pattinson has upset a lot of fans, which may be the same persons who are making up the rumors. But there can only be one thing that separates speculations from reality, and that is evidence. For so long now, a number of online websites have raised a lot of evidences in terms of photos of Stewart from her early teens. These pictures show the same sweet smiling gal—but obviously more innocent—with the same near perfect nose, only that the nose is not as sculpted to the tip but a little bulbous as claimed on Hollywood Nose Forum. So is this enough proof to say that the Kristen Stewart nose job rumors are in fact true?

True or not, only the beholder can tell about the Kristen Stewart rhinoplasty speculations. But looking back to Stewart’s interviews, this gal is not the kiss and tell type. As a matter of fact, the only time she acknowledged her relationship with his boyfriend was when she was caught having an affair with her director. If she did though, the Kristen Stewart nose job was just perfect.

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