Kate Middleton sparks speculation she has had a nose job

Kate Middleton nose jobAs fate would have it, even princesses need adjustments on themselves to really fulfill the fairy tale princess ideology. Kate Middleton, the duchess of Cambridge and the wife to Prince William, not only has the most envied wardrobe, style, poise and obviously husband, she also has the nose ever woman seems to want. Everything this woman touches or uses becomes instantly fashionable, and her nose job is not an exception.

Photos taken during her college days, show a staggering difference in her nose. Her earlier photos show a Kate Middleton with a wider nose and a larger nose tip, while those taken more recently show a straight bridge, with a cuter, rounded tip which is perfectly proportional to her face. This nose job, commonly referred to by many fans as the royal rhinoplasty, has seen Kate’s popularity soar (not that she wasn’t famous enough already), to new length among women and girls who want to have a nose job performed. Her nose has been referred to as feminine, adorable, or even perky. It seems to be a popular and unanimous opinion that her nose is not too small, nor is it too large for her face; its just perfect and will suit quite literally any face type.

Plastic surgeons in various parts of the world, have admitted to having performed numerous Kate Middleton nose jobs. This particular nose job is probably one of the most expensive nose job performed by any plastic surgeon, and can cost anything from $7000 at the cheapest plastic surgeon. Some skeptical people however, insist that she has not had a nose job, and instead suggest that her makeup artist is exceptional. However, Kate Middleton insists on doing her own make up (even on her wedding) and so there is quite a loophole in this theory.

There have been rumors spreading around that her nose job is not the only artificial part of her. There is a possibility that this princess may also have had Botox and fillers done on her. Others suggest that she may also have had liposuction done under her eyes, and some also suggest that she has hair extensions to give her more volume. We can’t be too sure about any of this rumors, but her youthful, flawless face at her age, poses quite a number of questions (however, it could also be the effect of being a princess). One way or the other, her nose has become one of the most popular topics on rumor mills in various discussion forums. In Britain, it was the most requested procedure by plastic surgeon patients.

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