Jessica Biel nose job

Jessica Biel nose job plastic surgeryJessica Biel, whose real name is Jessica Claire Biel-Timberlake, is born on March 3, 1982. Before becoming a TV and movie actress, she was actually a vocalist who regularly appears in musical productions. Her break came when she was cast as pastor’s daughter Mary Camden in the popular 90s family-drama series 7th Heaven. She started her movie career in Rules of Attraction in 2002 and has since appeared in films such as Blade: Trinity, A-Team and New Year’s Eve.

If you have been following the career of Jessica, then you’ve probably noticed some subtle changes in her appearance. Some people say that she is sporting a streamlined nose possibly a result of a rhinoplasty or nose job. Is the rumor about the Jessica Biel nose job true? No one knows for sure. Many have observed though that there is something unnatural about her face.

Apart from the nose job, Jessica is also rumored have had lip augmentation. There really is nothing wrong with Jessica’s lips before that’s why the changes are hard to detect. If you will look at her closely now though, her lips are so pouty and voluptuous. Experts believe that she has undergone Collagen or Restylane injections which are two of the most popular procedures for lip augmentation.
The more prominent change though in Jessica’s face can be seen in her nose which is now thinner, narrower and more sculpted. If you will check photos of her from her Seventh Heaven days, you sill see Jessica’s nose then as smaller yet wider. Some say that this is actually the second time that Jessica had a nose job. She has been rumored to have rhinoplasty before she broke into the movies. If ever, this recent rhinoplasty is more of a refresher procedure.

If ever it is true that Jessica had a nose job and lip augmentation, it actually suits her well. Her more pronounced facial features go well with her more mature and sexier personality. Now it appears that she is ready to take on more daring and challenging roles. Before her rumored nose job and lip augmentation, Jessica gets more attention to her tight body than for her face. Now though, she’s making heads turn for her facial features.

Jessica has long been known to have a slight dismay over her looks which she said has affected her chances of landing some roles. This previous pronouncement further boosted the rumors that Jessica had a nose job and lip augmentation.

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