Is Lady Gaga Nose Looking Better After Plastic Surgery?

Lady GagaBorn Stefani Joanne Angelina in 1986 in New York City, US, Lady Gaga is one of the most prominent pop dancers, singers, songwriters, and fashion designers in the world today. The five time Grammy Award and 13 time MTV Video Music Awards winner shot to prominence in 2008 when she released her debut album The Fame and has featured in top magazines around the world. Lady Gaga nose job amazingly increased the fame of this US celebrity.

Only recently, the much travelled and celebrated star appeared at a public event donning a slimmer and nice looking nose instantly sparking speculation that she had done surgery. However when quizzed by media she did not want to comment on the accusations. She is on record for having declared that under no circumstances she would never consider plastic surgery.

She went on to confess that indeed most women celebrities gracing screens and magazines have gone under the knife but she would never try that herself. It was very clear that her changed look was evident and everyone who has been keen on the camera-prone artist could easily tell. She’s neither the first nor the last to feature in the latest nose job gossip but her high magnitude celebrity status just won’t let the story die.

Her conspicuous absence from the social limelight has been seen by many as a confirmation of those reports. Apparently Lady Gaga has a little under 40 million twitter followers but has publicly announced that she will be temporarily quitting social networking to give her time to promote her newly-released album. How she deleted her profile picture and restored it to default is a story for concern. Let’s face it she is a big subject and she’s not new to scrutiny but her latest moves only add weight to the nose job allegations.

While some of her fans are convinced that indeed she underwent plastic surgery, that does not in any way make her a lesser artist. She looks prettier for camera but that does not mean she wasn’t pretty initially. Her critics say that at 28 she’s too young for such misdemeanours and she might lose it before her time. Some have gone ahead to say that she has all the money in the whole world and she can use it all she wants; it’s her life.

Lady Gaga nose job ‘before and after’ pictures have gone viral and instantly they’ve become a subject in the internet and mainly across all social networks. At least she needs to be given time to promote her new album ‘Artpop’; she needs the energy.

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