Is it Me or Did Patrick Dempsey Get a Nose Job?

Patrick Dempsey nose job plastic surgeryProbably the best place to reference someone who has not yet heard of Patrick Dempsey would be from Grey’s anatomy where one would say he got his proper footing in Hollywood. However, there has been a small change in the actor’s face. Did you notice? Well this is a question that might be in the mouths of many but if you’re waiting for Dempsey to confirm your suspicions, you could be on the waiting list for a longer period.

When Patrick Dempsey appeared on the big screen to promote his movie Made of Honor something was a miss or something was more present. While making an appearance on the big screen is something that most people may be used to, there was something different with the now 48 year old actor. The Patrick Dempsey nose job plastic surgery!

In his hay days, the actor had a much broader nose that was characterized by wide bridges making him look less cooler and more of a geek and with no pun intended more childish. However, in a bid to get better and more manlier looks in the shape of a less symmetrical and stand out nose and steer his acting career in a different direction, the actor opted to have a nose job. The only problem is that he did not get the kind of results that he was hoping for but this could be the best thing that could have happened to him.

patrick dempsey

As for the case of getting better looks, the nose surgery was not as the actor would have wanted. The narrower nose with a narrow and slightly bended bridge stood out more significantly on his face and did not do any better to get him the softer and more subtle look that he was looking for. It however did give him a more rugged look that definitely steered his career in the direction of more chances and more manly roles.

At his age, Patrick does have quite good looks and the outspoken actor has not been hesitant to say that it has been partly because of his strict workout regiment and also the use of Botox. While the nose surgery may not have turned out as he had anticipated, he may be more grateful as to how it turned out since now he looks more charming and hotter more so to the ladies which could be attributed to a greater part of his success. As if that is not enough, it could go to great lengths to show that just because the Patrick Dempsey nose job did not work out as he had intended and still worked great, not every time that a cosmetic surgery goes wrong it is doom for the patient. Some come as a blessing in disguise.

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