Has Twilight star Ashley Greene had a nose job?

Ashley Green nose job plastic surgeryAshley Michele Green, known to the public as Ashley Greene, is a 26 year old American actress and model. Ashley’s most prominent work was her portrayal of vampire Alice Cullen in the five movies of the best-seller “Twilight” Saga, by author Stephenie Meyer. Greene has had roles in several movies since, but none enjoyed the high-profile status of the vampire franchise.

Most rumors surrounding Greene concern her personal life, although she enjoys relative privacy and leads a guarded life, at least since she has split from former Disney star Joe Jonas. She also faced a scandal involving some nude self-portraits, but it seems to have cleared up easily enough after she threatened online publishers who shared the pictures with legal action.

In respect to rumors about her physical appearance, Ashley Greene reportedly had a rhinoplasty performed. Greene seems to have a very straight and pointy nose, with the bridge and tip raised, which is an unusual nasal shape, fueling speculations of whether or not she had cosmetic surgery to enhance her appearance. However, public opinion seems to be divided. Some say her nose keeps changing shape, some say it has stayed the same throughout her rise to fame.Explanations to why Greene might have gone ‘under the knife’ vary, with some speculating that she might have done it to further her modelling career, which seemed to be a priority for her, as she was insecure about her height, justifying her need to enhance other features of her body, while some others say that she had her nose cosmetically altered for the sole purpose of clenching the role of Alice Cullen in the “Twilight” franchise. As for those who defend that Greene did not have her nose altered through a cosmetic procedure, they argue that she has supported the same nose even in her high school pictures. They also disprove the theory of a ‘nose job’ gone wrong, supported by the asymmetries in her nose, which would be caused by her growing her nose alterations out, by pointing out that those same asymmetries were also there in her younger pictures.

Greene has never commented on the issue, but she was not the only “Twilight” star who was victim of such rumors, so it is to be expected that she keeps quiet about it. Public opinion though is ambivalent, with those who defend that her nose is just like that saying that it suits her face, while some fans and experts say that it not only was altered, but it didn’t end well, leaving her face asymmetrical. Some also point out that she may have had it further corrected since.

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