Zac Efron Plastic Surgery – Nose Job

Zac Efron nose job plastic surgeryZachary David Alexander Efron, known to the public as Zac Efron, is a 26 year old American actor and Disney star. Efron rose to fame as the star of all three movies in Disney’s popular “High School Musical” series, one of the giant network’s most successful. Efron has since enjoyed a successful movie career, starring in blockbusters like the star-studded “New Year’s Eve” and the adaptation of the Nicholas Sparks bestseller, “The Lucky One”.

In more recent years, since he started to shed his clean Disney image, Efron had faced several personal rumors and troubles, the more famous being his cocaine dependence and two visits to rehab in 2013. Rumors surrounding Efron’s appearance though date much farther back, still to his Disney days. Back then, his fans started comparing before and after pictures of the star and pointing out that his nose looked different. A doctor also commented at the time that it looked like Efron might have had a rhinoplasty, commonly known as a nose job, stating that his tip looked slimmer and pointier and his bridge looked not only slimmer but slightly crooked. The same doctor also pointed out that the new nose look Efron was supporting was more feminine, which worked with his boyish looks as a teenage heartbreaker, but it might pose a problem for him later on as he tried for more mature manly acting jobs.

To the contrary, some say that the more jagged look is more masculine, and was achieved as a way for Efron to depart from the boyish image of his Disney days. To this day, opinions seem to be divided on whether Efron had a cosmetic procedure performed or not, with fans and the press alike saying that it was not something the could see the actor doing. Efron himself has never commented on the subject, and some say he was actually trying to hide the news of his cosmetic procedure, in hopes it wouldn’t be noticeable enough to arise rumors or speculation.

In any case, the procedure doesn’t seem to be affecting people’s perception of Efron, not in a negative way at the list. The actor is still considered one of the most attractive men in Hollywood, even if he hasn’t had a serious known girlfriend since his split from his “High School Musical” sweetheart Vanessa Hudgens, and he also has and is scheduled to continue working consistently, scoring roles in both high profile comedies and mature dramas such as “That Awkward Moment” and “Parkland”.

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