Did Kelly Rowland have her nose enhanced?

Kelly RowlandKelendria Trene Rowland, more commonly known as Kelly Rowland, is a 32 year old American singer, who became famous as a member of the popular girlsband Destiny’s Child, which also featured Beyoncé Knowles. Since the break up of the band, Rowland has enjoyed some success, appearing in movies and TV Shows, as well as a recording artist, on her own and as a featured singer in other artists’ music.

Rowland has had a mostly private and guarded life, with few rumors surrounding her. However, some speculation surrounds her image, with public opinion makers and experts claiming she has had nose job and boob job cosmetic procedures. While Kelly is forthcoming with confirming she had her breasts enhanced, saying that she had the procedure at age 28, as per hers and Beyoncé’s mom’s advice, instead of 18 as she originally planned to, she hasn’t commented on the rumors that she might have altered her nose in 2013, raising doubts as to whether she did or not. However, even if Kelly doesn’t admit to it, some have noticed a very slight change in the appearance of her nose, which looks slightly narrower and more defined. She needn’t be shy or afraid about it though, as it is consensually agreed that it looks more elegant and fits her facial features better. Some even say that the new nose looks more natural on her that her native big nose.

It is also rumored that Rowland might have had her bottom enhanced based on some pictures that surfaced late 2012, and the singer has admitted that if her butt wasn’t in the right shape, she would ‘pick it up’. According to the singer, the only cosmetic procedure she would never resort to would be botox, saying she doesn’t want needles stuck to her face, for fear that it would hurt and lead her to lose her facial expressions.

Given her honesty concerning cosmetic procedures, it seems unreasonable to think that she would have had a rhinoplasty and not own up to it, which is what most people are inclined to think, also pointing out that her nose actually looks mostly the same since her younger days. Also, some other explanations can be attributed to the change in her nose, like different lighting, a good makeup artist, or just plain growth, since the pictures being compared are of Kelly as a teenager and now as a mature grown woman, whose face would naturally had changed with time and aging.

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