Has Ciara had a nose job surgery?

Ciara Nose Job plastic surgeryCiara Princess Harris, who goes by her first name only – Ciara – professionally, is a 28 years old American singer, dancer, actress and model. Although she is still very young, Ciara has already enjoyed a long career, having started early in the girls band Hearsay. She launched her solo career in 2004 and had huge success with her two first albums, and continued producing hits with her later efforts. She has sold seven million records worldwide, and won a Grammy Award, although she received several more nominations.

With a natural beauty that led her both to the big and small screen and caught the attention of modelling agencies and a toned dancer’s body, it is hard to imagine that Ciara would need any plastic surgery to perfect her body. However Ciara nose job claims and rumors are quite popular among the media and internet commenters.

Although there is some confusion as to what procedures Ciara actually had done, before and after photos shows shows some difference. As she’d become established as a celebrity show a noticeable difference in her appearance. Her different nose shape, which was bigger and rounder before, and seems to be more defined, slimmer, pointier and overall more elegant, is the easiest to point out. Although some might attribute the change to other procedures, like a facelift, the Ciara nose job, or rhinoplasty, rumor, is more likely to be correct.

Ciara nose job before and after plastic surgery

Another rumor concerning Ciara’s plastic surgery is that she’s had a breast augmentation, most commonly known as a boob job. The singer’s always been plagued by claims that she looks like a man because of her sculpted and muscular upper body, probably acquired from her long hours of dance practice, and her exotic facial features, which can be seen as male. That’s believed to be one of her main reasons to “go under the knife”.

ciara breast implants surgery before and after

These latest changes are a little less obvious that the Ciara nose job, but it’s still pretty hard to miss that the formerly flat chested singer is now a sexy, bustier lady, indicating that she most likely had some work done on that area. There also seem to be comments about Ciara getting cheek fillers to make her face more rounder and feminine. However, that seems unlikely.

In any case, Ciara hasn’t confirmed having any procedures done, and if she has, the consensus seems to be that she is a beautiful and talented woman, and that any work she may have had done has only enhanced her beauty and femininity.

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