Cameron Diaz Nose Job – Did It Go Wrong?

Cameron Diaz after nose job plastic surgeryHave you ever asked yourself if celebrities have secrets? Tough question right? However, despite the fact that they are literally surrounded and followed by the news reporters and the media everywhere they go, most stars do have secrets. The saying that the life of a star is an open book is not entirely true. They constantly keep secrets from the public. One that they think might have adverse effects to their careers as celebrities. Cameron Diaz is an actress that is well known as well as a former model, is renowned for her role in “The Mask“. In the year 1990, she featured on the July edition of the “Seventeen” magazine. Clearly, her career started way back in the 90s. However, currently over 40 years old, she is the most paid actress for her age. So what is the secret to her beauty and herself?

Of course, hard work is a must to achieve success at any level. However, for celebrities, there are other options such as plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures like Botox injections, that enable them to turn back the clock for some time.

During her career, Cameron Diaz has been constantly surprising her fans, as she tries to do all things to enhance her appearance as well as beauty. As a matter of fact, Cameron Diaz nose job photos have a history of their own.

cameron diaz plastic surgery before and after

Unlike other celebrities, Cameron openly responded to the claims of her having had a nose job. She confirmed the claims stating that back in the year 2003 she wanted to have the procedure due to an accident that she had until 2006 she started having difficulties to breathe. However, it has also been rumored that the model has had her nose done about our times now. However, in her confessions, she stated that the procedure were purely medical and not cosmetic.

Again unlike many nose job procedures that go wrong, hers showed very positive outcome as the general shape did not great change and it still has the natural look.

Other plastic surgery gossips clam that she has been treated with fillers, Botox and has breasts implants. However, for these, there is no solid evidence and neither does she comment on them like she did with the nose job. However, one might wonder, what are the chances of breaking ones nose four times? And if that is the case, should there be an overall change on her face. It is fuller and fresher than before. Such gorgeous looks can only be as a result of fillers, or can it be that she is eating health and has gained weight?

However, regardless of the public opinion we will go with the statement that she made. And all in all, Cameron Diaz nose job worked to her benefit.

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