Blake Lively Nose Job Plastic Surgery

Blake Lively nose job plastic surgeryBlack Lively is an actress who played the role of Serena van der Woodsen on “Gossip Girl”. After appearing in the summer movie “Green Lantern”, she got her nose job surgery after her film “Accepted” last 2006.

She is a winning actress before the nose job and she is also a remarkable woman. Actually, just like other rhinoplasty patients, she is making a living with the face that she has. She considered rhinoplasty as she wanted to fix a few flaws on her face as well as refine what she has so that she can get to the next level of her career.

Blake Lively nose job is a successful one. Before, she had a prominent tip that was quite broad and downwardly pointed, particularly when smiling. She also had some problems with her wide and broad nasal bridge. Her plastic surgery included some tip cartilage removal, nose tip narrowing that could define a pointed nose as well as nose tip rotation.

Additionally, her nose bridge was lowered during the procedure and extremely narrowed. Nevertheless, Blake Lively’s look wasn’t substantially changed. The tip of her nose was simply repositioned and beautifully miniaturized. Still, it’s her nose tip. Her nose bridge was merely transformed wonderfully to match her refreshed look.

After some interviews with Plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Nassif and Plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn, they accounted how they appreciated the nutritious result of nose job before and after. The actress said her nose was really wonderful and she had discovered great rhinoplasty doctors who made her look even better.

With or without her nose transformation, Blake Lively is really beautiful and stunning. On the other hand, she knows that she can enhance her already stunning look through the use of a nose job surgery.

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