Ashley Tisdale Plastic Surgery – Nose Job

Ashley TisdaleRemember the female antagonist Sharpay Evans from the blockbuster ‘High School Musical’? That was portrayed by Ashley Tisdale, an American actress who had been so good in the role she land the Breakthrough Performance from MTV Movie Awards, the Best Supporting Actress from the UK Kermode Awards, and even bagged the Choice Best Actress for Music/Dance from the Teen Choice Awards.

And just before you got drowned on the very many movies and awards she got after that, you should probably notice a slight difference in her face. That is due to Ashley Tisdale nose job, which she recently got and been proud of since.

Ashley Tisdale is an American artist whose career started way back in 1997 in a television series ‘Smart Guy’ and steadily rose to fame since then. Her choice of career is not at all why she got her nose fixed, though. Ashley nose surgery is done for a deviated septum to get fixed first and vanity second. The slight misalignment, which is actually two small fractures up in her nose seemed to be giving her inconvenience when breathing. She underwent the septoplasty—the procedure used on Ashley Tisdale nose, and she went out about it to ‘People Magazine’ right after because she wants to be honest with the recent physical change to her fans, she claims.

 This is not the first time that deviated septum was ever used as an excuse to getting a nose job, though, which is why more and more people believes that the Ashley nose procedure is just another means of joining the bandwagon of bleach blonde Hollywood faces the likes of Cameron Diaz, Ashlee Simpsons, and Jennifer Aniston among so many others whose faces have been the trademark of most magazines and top selling products in the market.

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