Amanda Bynes nose job: Did she do the right thing?

Amanda Bynes nose jobBorn on April 3, 1986 in Thousand Oaks, California, Amanda Bynes is an actress who starred in the children’s sketch comedy series “All That” and “The Amanda Show.” She has also starred in films like “What a Girl Wants,” “Hairspray” and “Easy A.”

But aside from her successful career, Amanda Bynes is also known for being a product of several cosmetic enhancements. She is actually proud of the changes she has gone through and will go through. In fact, the 27 year-old celebrity even informed her many Twitter followers that she had really gone through these cosmetic enhancements.

Undergoing surgical procedures once every now and then might have already been a norm. Yet, for Amanda, it is quite different. Just a few months ago, she had both nose job and boob job within a month. She had gone through a nose surgery first and another one a week later. The actress also gone through a procedure that would remove the “webbing” in between her eyes.

According to her, this is not just for enhancing her beauty, but changing what has been a “birth defect.” She said that she has been battling webbing in between her eyes. Thus, such surgery was more of a necessity than just for cosmetic enhancement.

Is she addicted to plastic surgery?

Well, based on sources, other than Amanda Bynes nose jobs, she also had her breasts done at the same time. Amanda believed that these procedures enhanced her confidence in a major way. In fact, as mentioned above, she was proud to announce that she has gone through such changes. She is even encouraging everyone not to be ashamed of going through the process especially if it will help them feel better about themselves.

But, for Amanda to have gone through such medical procedures within a limited amount of time, people think that, yes, she might have been addicted to it. Worse, she could have even been addicted to her new found confidence after the surgery. Thus, she keeps on asking for more.

This has also sparked questions in the medical field. Should surgeons allow her to just go for such operations within a month? Well, based on the conclusions done by some other medical professionals, Amanda is in her sound mind and can make her own decisions. If she really wants it, there is nothing that surgeons can do to stop her. As long as she is found fit before the surgery, nothing could stop her from doing so.

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