Alexis Bellino Nose Job Plastic Surgery

Alexis Bellino nose job plastic surgeryIt is great to see Hollywood faces go sweet and friendly with each other, just like the friendship that the Real Housewives of Orange County have. That is why it is really so bad to see how the Alexis Bellino nose job damaged such friendship between her and Gretchen Rossi, a co-actress in the Real Housewives series.

Alexis Bellino, a mainstay of the show has now got into a fight with two other actresses of the show Tamra Barney and probable ex-bestie Gretchen Rossi. The fight has grown too strong that all women are now talking to the media and spicing up the issue that all started with the talks about Alexis Bellino nose job.

Apparently, Rossi explains her side of the story on this Alexis nose job war over her Bravo blog. Reality Tea website has also covered some of the juicy issues by noting that Rossi’s mouthing of Alexis Bellino nose job to Tamra Barney that infuriated Bellino, is actually a coincidence as Rossi counters on her blog.

It was something that just came tumbling out of her mouth when the two of them, Tamra and her, started talking about the former’s upcoming breast reduction surgery. It was a slip of the tongue which in all fairness she tried to right up when Tamra further asks about the surgery. She said that the Alexis Bellino rhinoplasty is not at all to just get a nose job but to get medical help for her sinuses.

Rossi further add that the upcoming Alexis nose which was for health’s sake is also to take the bump off her friend’s nose. Unfortunately, there was some sort of miscommunication there, and everyone simply started mouthing and fighting. How about that for an episode of the cast getting along on the show?

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